An unbiased review of the Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a successful American multinational technology company. The headquarters of this company is located in Redmond, Washington. This company has well experienced personnel and advanced resources to provide the best support, products and services to customers throughout the world. Dedicated and qualified staff members of this company these days develop, manufacture, sell, support and license consumer electronics, computer software, personal computers and computer related services. The best in class products of this company include, but never limited to the following.

  • Microsoft Windows line of operating systems
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge Web Browsers

Flagship hardware products of this company are Microsoft Surface tablet lineup and Xbox video game console. The word Microsoft is a portmanteau of microcomputer and software.


Microsoft was established in the year of April 4, 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. This company was started to build up and sell BASIC Interpreters for the Altair 8800. MS-DOS in the mid 1980s played a leading role in the personal computer OS market. Initial Public Offering of this company was started in 1986. This company has diversified greatly from the OS market and made several corporate acquisitions.


Microsoft is the market dominant as of 2015 in the most competitive IBM PC-compatible OS market. However, this company has lost the maximum of the overall OS market to Android. This company provides different categories of enterprise software for servers and desktops like as follows.

  • Visual Studio – software development
  • Azure – Cloud computing
  • HoloLens – mixed reality
  • Digital services through the MSN
  • Internet search with Bing

Products and services

Microsoft successfully released the next version of Windows OS namely Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. Windows Server 2016 was released in September 2016. In the first quarter of 2015, this company was the third largest mobile phone maker in the world and selling 7.2% of all mobiles. This company announced the fusion of its personal computer and Xbox divisions. Apps of the Universal Windows Platform would play a leading role in the gaming sector of the Microsoft.

Microsoft showcased intune for education in London in January 24, 2017 at the BETT 2017 education technology conference. This new cloud based app and device management service enhances various aspects of the education sector. The Microsoft Azure Information Protection project of this company has an aim to assist every enterprise to protect the overall data as it moves between devices and servers. This company joined the Linux Foundation in November 2016 as a platinum member. The cost for this membership per year is $500,000.

Windows and devices

Well experienced personnel of the Microsoft Corporation successfully product the flagship operating system Windows. They design and develop Microsoft Surfaces that include an array of touch screen windows personal computers as well as interactive whiteboards. Microsoft’s software and devices have made it possible for free sex apps to be applicable. Not users are faster connected and can connect all over the world. They are known for their expertise and experiences to produce the wireless display adapters, game controllers, headsets, webcams, keyboards, mice, home gaming console and virtual reality smartglasses as per ever-increasing requirements of customers. They produce different server products like SQL Server, Skype for Business Server, Exchange Server and Windows Server.

Cloud and Enterprise solutions

Qualified and committed staff members of the Microsoft Corporation have a specialization in the cloud computing platform namely Microsoft Azure. This company produces a set of programming tools and compliers in the form of Microsoft Visual Studio. The Microsoft Dynamics of this company makes its customers more contented than ever. This is because enterprise resource planning and also the customer relationship management software applications.

Office products    

Microsoft’s office products like Microsoft Office and Office Mobile impress every new user and encourage all users to suggest these products to others. Microsoft Office is an office suite for Windows personal computers and MACs. Office Mobile is a line of applications designed to enhance the professional lifestyle of users of smart phone and tablet.

Office Online includes the best in class nature of Microsoft Office Web Apps. Microsoft accounts are used to connect Windows Live branded web services. Skype is an app designed by the Microsoft Corporation. This app is known for its voice call services and video chat facilities. Every product and professional service of this company gives an array of favorable things to every customer on a regular basis.

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